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Upcoming annual event matches customers up with savings by using leftover fabric to create some eclectic bed sets

Verlo's Mismatch Sale means big savings for customers.

Verlo’s Mismatch Mattress sale is a beloved annual tradition, and it’s not hard to see why. For customers, it’s an opportunity to save a little extra money while still buying a high-quality, custom-made mattress. For store owners, it’s a green business practice that goes back to a simple, old-school adage: waste not, want not.

Leftover fabric is a fact of life for our store owners since every mattress we build is custom-made. Eventually, a big bolt of fabric reaches the end of its roll. Sometimes, what’s left is enough to cover a mattress but not a box spring. Rather than toss that fabric aside, we decided years ago to hang onto it and put it to good use: our mismatch sale.

“It’s a great opportunity for the folks in the marketplace to save some money,” says Jennifer Roethe of Verlo’s home office in Fort Atkinson, Wisc.

During the sale, customers can buy a $199 twin mattress for $169 or a $749 king mattress for $649. The mattresses are made of the same high-quality ingredients Verlo always uses. The fabric itself is also the top-notch fabric as usual. The only difference is that when you strip the sheets from your bed, you might have a different fabric covering your box spring than what’s covering your mattress. The aesthetics are a little different, but the comfort is just the same. And once you’ve remade your bed, it looks like any other Verlo Mattress set.

“Our pricing is already very competitive, and this gives us another way to pass along savings to our customers,” Roethe says. “We’re not having to pay to warehouse a bunch of mattresses that may have been sitting somewhere for three years. When you order one from us, it’s built at your local store and delivered in just a couple of days.”

And “mismatch” is sometimes a misnomer. Over the years, Verlo has found ways to pass along savings even to people who want a matching set. Verlo works closely with suppliers to keep costs down, and occasionally fabric suppliers will have a glut of a particular pattern. Verlo buys up the excess at a bargain, and passes those deals along, too, as part of the sale.

The Mismatch Sale will take place all March at participating Verlo Mattress Factory Stores, although some individual stores start the sale early due to customer excitement. You can find your local store here to check and see when the sale will start there.

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